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Name:Jasper Wakefield [oc]
Website:Nocturne canvas

VAMPIRE : [original character]

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Jasper Wakefield is a 179-year-old vampire. Born in the lower working class slums of London, England to a poor family. Jas's human life was a long rough life shaping who he is today. Summing him up he would be more classed as a no good sewer rat and that he’d consider a compliment. Add in the fact he is a vampire and he just spells trouble.

That was then. It's all fun and games until someone decides to use him as a lab rat and before he knows it he's dead by hunters and suddenly he's back alive. Cured of vampirism. And very human. And not very happy about it all. He's mellowed a lot trying to be human living in a human world but every now and then he's still everyone's favourite asshole. Old habits die hard and all that.

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